Countries are like corporations, they are primitive, diabolic, corrupt entities created by a sinister rich class of primitives that want to maintain and control a much larger population of slaves through poverty or poverty slavery! The ruling rich class uses concepts of patriotism and nationalism to inculcate and brainwash the slaves into becoming their foot soldiers to fight and maintain the corporate country or the mother corporatocracy!  

Democracies do not work under the rule of a rich class which dominate all politics and political parties with an iron fist. The people are fooled into believing their votes really count, when in reality they do not count and are considered only popular votes, which are used by the ruling rich class to manipulate people further by offering such desired benefits to the people in exchange for their loyalty, financial support, and popular vote.

The poor have no chance at creating an official political party or becoming a political candidate with any chance of real success and attaining popularity. The ruling powers place steep financial hurdles in the path of political parties and politicians which should be illegal. The politicalized media and other diabolic politically motivated groups use every means to destroy the image of candidates whether such stories or actions are true or false. In the end, all politics in the mother corporatocracy boils down to a battle between a bunch of privileged wealthy people who had access to higher education and massive financial resources.

Instead of voting for a rich class candidate the people of the poverty slave class should never vote for a wealthy person, because it is the very same wealthy people who have kept the majority of people in poverty their entire lives! Poor people should instead only vote for poor leaders and create their own unofficial political parties or clubs! These organizations will be the only ones that can truly help poverty slaves rise up and break free of their financial chains!

All of the lands and resources of a region, country, nation, or corporations originally belonged to the native inhabitants of such lands and never truly belongs to those who have conquered those lands or stole them. The rich class uses imperialism to capture and control land and resources and it never truly belongs to them and must be taken back in time and belongs to all people equally!

The rich class will make up all sorts of fake wars, use any excuse, religious, political, military, etc., but in every case the real agenda is to steal land, resources, and to exploit the people of those regions! The poverty slave class must stand against imperialism and fascism! Do not fall for their cries of patriotism or nationalism, because they are just trying to use the people to attain more land, more resources, and to exploit more people. The right-wing primitive fanatics have such mentality built into their culture and such primitive anti-spiritual culture must die along with their mother corporatocracy and monetary unit!