As a Holy Whore Priest and Holy Whore Priestess, aka Satanic Tantric Priest or Satanic Tantric Priestess, our bodies belong to the Goddess Kali, or her masculine aspect as the God Shiva, or the deity you resonate with most, our Temple, and to our People! Our job is to fulfill the desires of our people and use Sexual Power and Sexual Healing Arts, for our People, the Temple, and for the Goddess/God, in worship and devotion! I am also a Warrior-Priest and a protector of our Temple and People. Any supporter may join this order as well, man or woman. I feel that both paths complete the Priest or Priestess within my Temple. However, supporters and Members do not have to join specific orders or participate in any activities they do not wish to do. Also, those that do become the Satanic Tantric Priest or Satanic Tantric Priestess, do not have to do anything they do not wish to do. However, Priests and Priestesses are taught not to be shallow and not to only Sexually Heal those they find attractive! We must spiritually evolve beyond such primitive shallow thinking. We are the resurrectors of the ancient Sexual Healing arts or Tantric Healing arts, which the judeo-christians and other religious fanatics have nearly destroyed world-wide as they work daily to enforce their moral-values through their civil laws which strip away our rights! So, do not be confused and join us to help resurrect and spread Satanic Sexuality and the beauty of the Holy Whore Priestess and Holy Whore Priest concept which has existed since ancient times! We will be free to spread our Satanic Moral-Value System and live the Satanic Sexual Life that we choose without judeo-christian or other oppression and suppression!