The spiritual evolution of my form of Satanic religion has adopted many aspects of different belief systems. I've adopted aspects of Shakti Hinduism, Tantrism, Kali worship, Taoism, and many others. This book helps to further define the unique belief system and goals of Spiritual Satanism 999, aka Eastern Satanism, Tantric Hinduism, etc.

Our eclectic system will continue to evolve over the years with my personal knowledge and experiences. One of the unique aspects is a support for a return to a more Matriarchal religious and cultural system at the core of my doctrines.

There is an emphasis on re-developing a world-wide anti-christian Priest and Priestess order that venerates a Goddess which is classified as a Satanic Goddess within my system. This is based upon my definitions of Satanic, outside of mainstream definitions! The main goddess that I harmonize with is the goddess Kali which I also call, Satanic Kali.

This has nothing to do with devil worship and everything to do with the literal basic meaning of the term Satan or Satanic, which means Adversarial in nature and more specifically adversarial toward judeo-christian beliefs and moral-values!

Therefore, we are not developing a goddess religion with a Priest and more importantly a Priestess order that would be in harmony with judeo-christian beliefs or values. We are developing a goddess religion and Satanic Priestess and Priestly order that is anti-christian or Satanic in nature, according to our definition!

We work to spread my doctrine known as the Satanic Moral-Value System or anti-christian moral-value system! These values and lifestyles have been collected from many ancient values and lifestyles that existed long before judeo-christian beliefs and values and naturally oppose those judeo-christian values! These Satanic values are viewed as highly spiritual, dignified, glorious, and designed to replace the judeo-christian moral-value system! This system also stands against much of the Vedic system, in favor of the left-hand Tantric system!

We stand against selfishness, greed, uncontrolled egotism, possessiveness, jealousy, class or caste systems, and any system that creates poverty slavery! At the same time we support our natural carnal desires and their fulfillment! We believe in a balance of the spiritual and the carnal! Our spirituality not only focuses upon improving ourselves, but also developing a society and civilization that helps everyone that wishes to join our collective Temple of Satanic Kali!

The Tantric Hindu Bible is for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of Spiritual Satanism 999 or Eastern Satanism! This is a mystical system created and founded by the mystical shaman, Rev. Caesar 999.