The mystical Temple or Church of The Antichrist 999 is an underground organization founded by High Priest Caesar 999. This Spiritual Satanic Temple teaches the religion of Spiritual Satanism 999 or Caesarean Satanism to people who are naturally anti-christian!

In the Temple of The Antichrist 999, there is also a focus upon teaching Rev. Caesar’s Satanic Sorcery and Alchemy! These teachings will bring the student into their center, learning the mystical language of the core doctrine of 999.

There are many other doctrines to be learned by the student and this depends upon the path they will take. The student may also take a more spiritual path of worship by becoming initiated into Rev. Caesar’s Temple of Satanic Kali.

This Spiritual Satanic Temple is an extension of Rev. Caesar’s Temple of The Antichrist 999. There they will learn to Worship the Goddess Satanic Kali which is symbolic of all Goddesses, especially Shakti, and Yellamma. They also focus upon learning the mystical arts and practices of Tantra, Yoga, Meditation, Devadasism, Healing Arts, Indian Classical Dances, Martial Arts, etc.

We do not want people who believe in the concept of good verses evil or the god verses devil/satan nonsense. We do not want devil worshipers, but at the same time we don't exactly want atheists either because in the Temple of The Antichrist 999, we believe in Satanic Creation as a deity.

This deity is a Universal Consciousness, which we believe can represent any form of deity, except the judeo-christian abrahamic god, which we deny and oppose! We perceive this great consciousness as a Matriarchal Goddess which we worship in a form of Kali, called Satanic Kali or Adversarial Kali! She has within herself her masculine aspect of Shiva!

Our supporters may worship any deity, especially any Goddess they feel closely unites their consciousnesses back into a pure harmony. However, this excludes the judeo-christian and islamic abrahamic patriarchal deity!

The term Satanic does not mean a belief in Satan. My definition of Satanic means an Adversarial Nature toward judeo-christian beliefs and lifestyles. The term Antichrist 999 does not refer directly to the christian biblical Antichrist.

All of those who define themselves under my definition of Satanic are Anti-christians by nature! So, we are all Antichrists and I am the Antichrist 999. We are all one with Satanic Creation. So, I invite all those who are truly Satanic in nature or Anti-christian to become one with the concept of 999 and join my Temple or Church of The Antichrist 999.

If you want to become a Priest, Priestess, or Satanic Model for our products, etc., contact me for more details. Send a message to this page or email me. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Join the Church of The Antichrist 999 and Temple of Satanic Kali.