This article in the link below, gives an idea of what really is going on in the Middle East. However, its authors are still supporting zionism, which is seen near the end of the article. Remember, israel is a militant regime that was illegally created through illegal mass immigration with the intent of destroying and taking over Palestine and was only successful and only continues to exist mainly because of the u.s. support of the zionist movement financially and militarily! Palestine has been under illegal occupation for over 50 years and the people completely oppressed and imprisoned in massive open air prisons made with military blockades in and out of these concentration camps!

The u.s. and israel have never ever planned to allow Palestinians to re-establish a nation in a two state treaty. They also do not plan to give Palestinians voting rights in the zionist true one state plan for israel. This is because the Palestinians have always been the majority and will quickly undermine the jew zionist goal of a purely jew zionist religious state and empire in the region. All of the so-called peace talks are forcibly controlled and directed by the u.s. and israel and are nothing more than perpetual stalling tactics which will always result in Palestinians disapproval and protest violence, which the israeli's and the u.s. repeatedly capitalize upon to exterminate as many Palestinians as possible and to force more to become refugees. However, even if the Palestinians wanted to flee on a mass scale they are trapped on all sides by israeli blockades and hostile foreign muslim nations paid off by the u.s. and are of differing muslim sects. The u.s. has spent billions of dollars and billions more in military supplies, funding and arming different muslims factions, and paying others off, all to keep these muslim nations divided based upon their differences and the ego's and greed of those leaders. So, the u.s. has used the divide and conquer method for many decades.

The u.s. and israel are the original creators of the middle east conflict and are still behind it today, based upon religious goals that are purely religious fanaticism, and for resources, and military strategic positioning! So, it is purely nonsense and insulting to the Palestinians for the u.s. to be involved at all in any type of peace talks! The u.s. and israel will continue their stalling tactics and try to make the Palestinians look like they do not want peace and are the aggressors. The Palestinians do not want peace under israeli rule and as second class citizens, and that is the only option actually being offered to the Palestinians. In reality, peace will only be achieved when israel is completely dismantled or the Palestinians are annihilated and that is the real goal of the u.s. and israel! Since the u.s. and israel have advanced militaries and Palestinians have almost nothing but stones to throw, the latter is the more realistic outcome, unless israel is finally nuked to dust! I believe they will be nuked to dust eventually and zionism destroyed, like they deserve to be! What stops the u.s. and israel from completely annihilating them out right has to do with the image they want the world to see and their political support. The israelis and the u.s. do not want to be seen as the bad guys even by their own people, when in fact they are the evil fascists committing genocide, apartheid, military imperialist invasion, and occupation, many other crimes, etc.!