Top Questions on Spiritual Satanism 999

  1. Who are you? I am a Mystic, Sorcerer, Warrior-Priest, Tantric Healer, and Author, that uses the pen name and spiritual name of Rev. Caesar 999 or High Priest Caesar 999. I am the High Priest of my underground Church of The Antichrist 999 and Temple of Satanic Kali.
  2. What is your religion called? The common name is Spiritual Satanism 999. Also, my religion can be called, Caesarean Satanism, Eastern Satanism, Kali Satanism, Satanism 999, and to the initiated Vampir(e) Satanism, etc.
  3. Are you a Theist or an Atheist? I am a Theist. Spiritual Satanism 999 is a form of Theistic Satanic Religion.
  4. What deity do you worship? I worship Universal Satanic Creation, mainly in a Matriarchal and Feminine aspect in a personalized form of the Hindu Goddess Kali, called Satanic Kali. However, there is also the masculine aspect which can be worshiped as Shiva, etc. All gods and goddesses are accepted, except the judeo-christian god which I consider a false god, deny that he exists, and highly oppose! My religious system is both polytheistic and pantheistic. However, I do not worship the christian concept of a Satan or Devil. The idea of Satan or the Devil was created through christian mythology and an ancient concept of an Evil or Dark Force of Nature. Many ancient deities were worshipped based upon this Dark Force of Nature. I do not believe in the concept of evil, but the Dark Force of Nature is within all things.
  5. What does Satanic mean? Satanic in my religious system does not mean the worship of mythological deities like Satan or the Devil. Satanic means Adversarial in Nature. I am adversarial toward the concept of a jew or christian savior, son of a jew god, jew messiah, the false god jehovah, the false christian god, and the false god allah, all commonly known as the abrahamic god! Therefore, ultimately my religion is naturally anti-christ, anti-christian, anti-judaist, anti-zionist, and anti-muslim! Also, Satanic embodies more of the Dark Force of Nature as the dominant force, but also contains a Light Force of Nature, helping to maintain universal balance.
  6. What form of governmental system does your religion support? I support my personal form of Socialistic Temple. This means my temple is my nation! My philosophy is basically interdependence over total independent mercenary beliefs. This is for my people and followers within my personal temple only!
  7. What is the goal of your religion? The goal of my religion is to ultimately embrace the Universal Satanic Creation and the Self, becoming one consciousness, and spreading the worship of Satanic Kali. This is a journey toward self-discovery and the development of our inner and outer selves! Through my religion I seek to break free from other religious and political systems, becoming my own self-contained religious nation. My other goals are to secure the rights of my people, fulfill the reasonable desires of my people, and to always live fulfilling and meaningful lives!